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Dear President O'Donnell and Members of the Board of Trustees,

We are deeply concerned that the Administration is spending valuable College resources in an effort to disenfranchise adjunct faculty from their federal right to vote for or against a union in a fair and democratic election. We do not believe a union election poses any threat now, or in the future, to Manhattan College's mission or Catholic heritage. As a matter of conscience and in the spirit of academic freedom and Catholic social teachings, we urge you to direct your legal team to immediately drop their objections at the National Labor Relations Board and allow the votes (which were cast but then impounded due to legal appeals in March) to be opened and counted. And, if a majority of voters have cast their vote in favor of union representation, we urge you to drop any further legal appeals and negotiate in good faith with the Manhattan College Adjunct Faculty Union.

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Sigrid Aarons (Adjunct Faculty, St. Francis College/SFCAFU)
Tom Acker (Fulltime Faculty, Mesa State College)
Dima Al-Awwad (Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics and Computer Science)
Jason Alicea (Adjunct Faculty, St. Francis College/SFCAFU)
Dawn An (Adjunct Faculty, Marymount Manhattan College/MAC)
Jim Anderson (Fulltime Faculty, University of Michigan-Flint)
Thomas Anderson (Adjunct Faculty, Wayne State University/UPTF)
Michael Raymond Antolik (Fulltime Faculty & Chair, Government)
Sarah Arbitrio (Teacher, Anne E. Dorner Middle School/OTA)
Joseph Argento (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2012)
Grigoris Argeros (Adjunct Faculty, Sociology)
James Arnett (Fulltime Faculty, English)
Christina Baglio (Manhattan College Student)
Daniel Barber (Adjunct Faculty, Marymount Manhattan College/MAC)
Barry Batorsky (Adjunct Faculty, Rutgers University)
Lenore Beaky (Fulltime Faculty, LaGuradia Community College)
Mary Beck (Adjunct Faculty, Henry Ford Community College/HFCC-AFO)
Luis Berroteran (Adjunct Faculty, Civil Engineering)
Jen Bills (Fulltime Faculty, Columbia College Chicago)
Kathleen Bishop (Adjunct Faculty, Adult Degree Completion Program &
Adjunct Faculty, New School University/ACT-UAW)
Bonnie Blustein (Fulltime Faculty, West Los Angeles College)
Sheila Boland Chira (Fulltime Faculty, University of Vermont)
Geza Bottlick (MC '60) (Fulltime Faculty, University of Southern California)
Mary Alice Boyle (Teacher, Peekskill City School District)
Caitlyn Brazill (Adjunct Faculty, New York University)
Martin Brock (Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics and Computer Science)
Jeneve Brooks (Adjunct Faculty, Sociology)
Mary Elizabeth Brown (Adjunct Faculty, Marymount Manhattan College/MAC)
Peter Brown (Fulltime Faculty, SUNY-New Paltz/UUP)
Elena Brunn (Adjunct Faculty, Pace University/UAFP)
Kristopher Burrell (Adjunct Faculty, Hostos Community College-CUNY)
William Bryk (1977 Manhattan College Alum, Attorney)
Rebecca Buchanan (Director if Campus Ministry, Marymount Manhattan College)
Nathaniel Burke (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2011)
Tracy Busch (Visiting Faculty, Ferris State University)
Joseph Buschi (Adjunct Faculty, Physics)
William Buse (Fulltime Faculty, Sociology)
Neil Busuttil
(Adjunct Faculty, Education)
Sabrina Caine (Chairperson, Erie Community College)
William Capowski (1991 Alumnus, Union Theological Seminary)
Elizabeth Chaney (Fulltime Faculty, Borough of Manhattan Community College)
Kyungsub Choi (Fulltime Faculty, Business)
Amy Clark (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2011)
Christina Cline (Adjunct Faculty, Everett Communicty College)
Kyle Conlom (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2012)
Astrid Cook-Dail (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2011)
Ashley Cross (Fulltime Faculty, English)
Steve Crossman (Fulltime Faculty, Mendicino College)
Eric Cruz (2007 Alumnus, Manhattan College)
Marilyn Cvitanic (Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts)
Kate Damian (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2012)
George Dassinger (Adjunct Faculty, William Paterson University)
Council Member Maria del Carmen Arroyo (New York City Council, District 17)
Ricardo A. Dello Buono (Fulltime Faculty & Chair, Sociology)
Angelo Devito (Adjunct Faculty, Adult Degree Completion Program)
Paul Diamond (Alumnus, Hobart College)
Dan Diggles (Adjunct Faculty, Marymount Manhattan College/MAC)
Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (New York State Assembly, District 81)
Paul Dinter (Adjunct Faculty, Religious Studies)
Christopher Dorn (Adjunct Faculty, Marquette University)
Ryan Eanes (Adjunct Faculty, Communication)
Karie Ehrlich (Adjunct Faculty, English)
Joanna Eleftherious (Member, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Flushing)
Colleen Eren (Adjunct Faculty, Hunter College)
Michael Ewing (Adjunct Faculty, Religious Studies)
Joseph Fahey (Fulltime Faculty, Religious Studies)
Rabbi Michael E. Feinberg (Exec. Director, Greater NY Labor-Religion Coalition)
Thomas Ferguson (Fulltime Faculty, Religious Studies)
Carlos Fernandez (Jobs with Justice, Chicago)
Stephen Finlan
(Adjunct Faculty, Religious Studies)
Richelle Fiore (Alumna, The College of New Rochelle)
Courtney Fitt (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2013)
Michael Friedman (Teacher, New York City Board of Education)
Jonathan Gallo (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2013)
Maria Renata Gangemi (Fulltime Faculty, Ramapo College/RCFST)
Christian Garland (PhD, University of Sussex, University of East Anglia)
Esther Garvett (Teacher, Miami Dade County)
Jovita Geraci (Adjunct Faculty, Religious Studies)
Robert Geraci (Fulltime Faculty, Religious Studies)
Diana Gibaldi (Adjunct Faculty, St. Francis College/SFCAFU)
Janine Giordano Drake (Graduate Student, University of Illinois)
Jesse Goldstein (Technology Fellow, CUNY)
Sarahjeanne Goldstein (Adjunct Faculty, SUNY-Suffolk &
Assistant Direcor of Nursing, University Medical Center, Stony Brook)
Richard Gomes (Adjunct Faculty, Rutgers University/AAUP
Ibrahim Gonzalez (Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts)
Kathryn Grant (Adjunct Faculty, St. Francis College/SFCAFU)
Margaret Groarke (Fulltime Faculty, Government)
Mandy Gryzmala (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2012)
Emma Guest-Consales (Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts)
Seth Guinals-Kupperman (Adjunct Faculty, Physics)
Stephen M. Gulick (Adjunct Faculty, Community College of Philadelphia)
Jacqueline Guzda (Adjunct Faculty, Communication)
Andrew Haringer (Adjunct Faculty, Music)
Bernard Harris (Fulltime Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Deborah Harris (Adjunct Faculty, Education)
Rose Henessy (2008 Alumna, Canisius College)
Frank Henry (Adjunct Faculty, Mechanical Engineering)
Holly Hepp-Galvan (Adjunct Faculty, Communication)
Sean Hladky (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2013)
Daniel Hochstein (Adjunct Faculty, Civil Engineering)
Michael Hoerger (Fellow, University of Rochester Medical Center)
James Holan (Adjunct Faculty, Moraine Valley Community College & Parishoner, St. Terrence, Alsip, IL)
Shane Holmes (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2012)
Jeff Horn (Fulltime Faculty & Chair, History)
Hannah Hughes (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2012)
Matt Igleski
(Graduate Student, Central Michigan University)
Vincenza Imperiale
(Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics and Computer Science)
Christopher Ingrassia (Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics and Computer Science)
Phil Ray Jack (Fulltime Faculty, Green River Community College)
Linda Jara (Teacher, Girard College/GCFT)
Jeanette Jeneault (Fulltime Faculty, Syracuse University)
Thomas Jorsch (Fulltime Faculty, Upper Iowa University)
Gautam Kansara (Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts)
Nancy Kelly
(Adjunct Faculty, St. Francis College/SFCAFU)
Barry Kendler
(Adjunct Faculty, Biology)
Kiki Kennedy Day
(Adjunct Faculty, Religious Studies)
Aiden Kenny (MC '78) (Adjunct Faculty, County College of Morris)
Robert F. Kiernan (MC '68)
(Retired Fulltime Faculty, English)
Council Member G. Oliver Koppell
(New York City Council, 11th District)
Andrew Korall
(Adjunct Faculty, Sociology)
Karin Kram
(Adjunct Faculty, Biology)
John Kriskiewicz (Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts & Adjunct Faculty, New School University/ACT-UAW)
John Kruth
(Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts)
Francis Lagaace
(Fulltime Faculty, Université de Montréal)
David Lamoureux
(Adjunct Faculty, St. Francis College/SFCAFU)
Eileen Langer
(Adjunct Faculty, English)
Melissa Laracuenta
(Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Education)
John Lasseter (Fulltime Faculty, Fairfield University/FWC-AAUP)
Jean Laurel (Fulltime Faculty & Chair, Niagara University)
Janice Levine (Adjunct Faculty, Camden County Communicty College)
David Linton (President, New York State Conference of American Association of University Professors)
William Lipkind (Adjunct Faculty, Rutgers University/UAFNJ
Maria Lioi (Adjunct Faculty, Modern Languages)
Luis Loyola (Fulltime Faculty, Sociology)
Peter Lyons (Adjunct Faculty, Biology)
Radhashree Maitra (Adjunct Faculty, Biology)
Richard Manderfield (Fulltime Faculty, Michigan State University/UNTF)
Anna Markova (Adjunct Faculty, Physical Education)
Tara Martin (Fulltime Faculty, Central Ohio Technical College)
Michael McAteer (Adjunct Faculty, Business)
Shawn McDaniel (Adjunct Faculty, Modern Languages)
Barbara McKenna (Alumna, Georgetown University)
Andrew McMahon (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2012)
Marisol Medri (Adjunct Faculty, Mechanical Engineering)
Frank Mercogliano (Adjunct Faculty, Sociology)
Susan Miksza (Adjunct Faculty, Kean University)
Doris Morazan (Fulltime faculty-retired, Rutgers University)
Sue C. Murphy (Fulltime Faculty, Central Michigan University)
Robert Mutch (Adjunct Faculty, Civil Engineering)
Dominique Nisperos (Graduate Student, City University of New York)
David Nofer (Adjunct Faculty, Psychology)
Robert Noonan (Adjunct Faculty, Montclair State University)
David O'Brien (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2012)
Caroline O'Donovan (Adjunct Faculty, Modern Languages)
Grace Ogno (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2011)
Jane Olian (Faculty, Manhattan School of Music)
Moriah Olsen (Member, Grace Episcopal Church, Nyack)
Stephen Oppenheimer (Adjunct Faculty, Chemistry)
Michael Ostling (Fulltime Faculty, Central Michigan University)
Samuel Otten (Graduate Student, Michigan State University)
Frank Pandolfo (Adjunct Faculty, Manhattanville College)
Robert Palm (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2011)
Raj Pandya (Adjunct Faculty, Physics)
Romeo Pascone (Fulltime Faculty, Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Jacqueline Patchen Johnson (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2011)
John Pawlowski MC '68 (Adjunct Faculty, Pace University/UAFP)
Sharon Persinger (Chairperson, Bronx Community College)
Kate Pfordresher (Parishioner, Oratory Church at St. Boniface, Brooklyn)
John P. Pittman (Fulltime Faculty, John Jay College of Criminal Justice)
Judith Plaskow (Fulltime Faculty, Religious Stduies)
Richard Potter (Fulltime Faculty, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Alana Powell (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2012)
Julie Leininger Pycior (Fulltime Faculty, History)
Paddy Quick (Fulltime Faculty, St. Francis College)
Vi Rajagopalah (St. Charles Community College)
Sybille Rinkert-Garcia (Adjunct Faculty, Modern Languages)
Raphael Rivero (Adjunct Faculty, St. Francis College/SFCAFU)
Raye Robertson (Adjunct Faculty, Wayne State University/UPTF)
Sofia Rodriguez (Adjunct Faculty, Biology)
Jacob Roesch (Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts)
Dolores Rowen (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2011)
Maria Rowen (Parent of MC Student, Class of 2011)
Terry Rowen (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2011)
Angie Rumaldo (Adjunct Faculty, Education)
Lisa Jo Sagolla (Adjunct Faculty, Marymount Manhattan College/MAC)
Robert Sauté (Adjunct Faculty, Indiana University)
Emily Elizabeth Sayles (Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics & Computer Science)
Teya Schaffer (Fulltime Faculty, College of Alameda)
Christian Schlaerth (PhD Student, University of Miami)
John Schumacher (Librarian, State University of New York)
Randolph Schutz (Adjunct Faculty, Psychology)
Carol Schwartz (Doctoral Candidate, University of Toledo)
Jennie Shanker (Adjunct Faculty, Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts)
Scott Sheidlower (Fulltime Faculty, York College-CUNY/PSC
Steven Sher (Adjunct Faculty, English)
Joan Shumate (Ready To Work Coordinator, Jefferson Community & Technical College)
Shana Siegel (Adjunct Faculty, Sociology)
Jane Silver (Adjunct Faculty, Mercy College & Ramapo College/RFSCT)
Paulanne Simmons (Adjunct Faculty, St. Francis College/SFCAFU)
Joan Sitomer (Adjunct Faculty, Eastern Michigan University)
Betsy Smith (Adjunct Faculty, Cape Cod Community College)
Kate Smith (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2012)
Zachary Snider (Fulltime Faculty, English)
Jingyi Song (Adjunct Faculty, Modern Languages)
Catherine Stanford (Lay Leader, Trinity United Methodist Church, Highland Park, NJ)
Judith Sussholtz (Adjunct Faculty, Community College of Philadelphia)
Ana Strat (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2012)
Rachel Swaner (Adjunct Faculty, New York University/ACT-UAW)
Ryan Swihart (Adjunct Faculty, History)
Linda Tabb (Adjunct Faculty, Parkland College)
Jose Tabora-Sierra (Adjunct Faculty, Chemical Engineering)
Andrew Taggart (Adjunct Faculty, English)
Mariam Taha (Adjunct Faculty, Modern Languages)
Shawn Threadgill (Adjunct Faculty,Communication & Marymount Manhattan College/MAC)
Catherine Tomasik (Adjunct Faculty, Elgin Community College)
John Tomer (Fulltime Faculty, Business)
Gwendolyn Toth
(Adjunct Faculty, Fine Arts)
Andrew Tratner (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2011)
Alan Trevithick (Adjunct Faculty, Sociology)
James Turner (Adjunct Faculty, St. Francis College/SFCAFU)
United Faculty of Florida (University of South Florida Chapter)
Wilson Valcin (Adjunct Faculty, St. Francis College/SFCAFU)
Jan Van Tol
(Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice of South Central Wisconsin)
Alyssa Warshay
(PhD Student, Central Michigan University)
Elizabeth Weiden MC '90 (Tenured, Certified NYS Teacher)
Brian Weiner (Fulltime Faculty, University of San Francisco)
James Wellington (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2011)
Brook Wiers (Adjunct Faculty, St. Francis College/SFCAFU)
Derek Winslow (Manhattan College Student, Class of 2011www.collarme)
Jonathan Yegge
(Adjunct Faculty, St. Francis College/SFCAFU)
Ali Zaidi (Fulltime Faculty, SUNY-Canton/UUP)
Joshua Zelesnick (Adjunct Faculty, Duquese University)

Unless otherwise specified, departmental affiliations are for Manhattan Colnlege faculty. All affiliations listed above are for identification purposes only: ACT-UAW (Adjuncts Come Together, United Autoworkers); FWC-AAUP – (Faculty Welfare Committee – American Association of University Professors-Fairfield University) GCFT (Girard College Federation of Teachers); HFCC-AFO (Henry Ford Community College—Adjunct Faculty Organization); MAC (Marymount Adjunct Collective); OTA (Ossining Teachers Association); PSC (Professional Staff Congress); RFSCT (Ramapo Federation of State College Teachers); SFCAFU (St. Francis College Adjunct Faculty Union); UAFNJ (United Adjunct federation of New Jersey); UAFP (Union of Adjunct Faculty at Pace); UNTF (Union of Non-tenure-Track Faculty); UPTF (Union of Part-Time Faculty); UUP (United University Professors)







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