Manhattan College Adjunct Faculty Union (MCAFU)

October 21, 2010

We were disappointed last week when the College's attorney informed us that President Brennan O'Donnell had directed her to pursue a possibly lengthy hearing at the Labor Board rather than agree to fair parameters for a union election for adjunct faculty as soon as possible. At that pre-hearing conference on October 13th, Ms. Kehl requested that the actual hearing -- initially scheduled by the Labor Board for October 15th -- be postponed and rescheduled for today, October 21st. The Labor Board agreed that the hearing would begin today, October 21st.

Late yesterday afternoon, Ms. Kehl began a series of phone calls and emails asking that the hearing be delayed again, this time until November 5th. Robert Guerra, the Labor Board hearing officer assigned to the case,  refused her request insisting - rightfully -- that Ms. Kehl's extension had already been granted and directed her to come today to the Labor Board prepared to begin her case.

Ms. Kehl showed up 45 minutes late this morning and proceeded to refuse to go forward in presenting her case by citing a technicality. Apparently the Labor Board had neglected to mail an official notice noting the hearing date change to both parties. Ms. Kehl is certainly correct in the sense that she has the legal right (as would we) to postpone the hearing based on this technicality. The larger issue though is WHY she would raise this technicality since Mr. Guerra assured us that if she wanted to begin, she could, even without the official notice from the Labor Board.

This is about delay, pure and simple.

We have urged the Labor Board to reschedule the hearing as soon as possible. We will keep you updated with developments.

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