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Summary of Day 1 (October 27) at the Labor Board

Although today was the third time we have met with the College's representatives at the Labor Board, it was only the first day we went "on the record," that is, today was the official first day of the hearing that Manhattan College is insisting is necessary to protect the College's Catholic heritage from the "threat" of its employees forming a union.

We were able to reach some agreements today (on voter eligibility and bargaining unit inclusion). But unfortunately, even though the College's attorney is agreeing to some of the parameters of a theoretical election, she continues to argue the College's position that an actual election should never happen and that the College's adjunct faculty should not have the right to vote for themselves on the question of unionization. You can read more details about all of that (and find out the details of our agreements today) here.

Finally, most of you probably saw the letter President O'Donnell recently sent to all adjunct faculty in response to the union's Organizing Committee members requesting a meeting with him. We are pleased with President O'Donnell's interest in engaging with adjunct faculty in what sounds like town hall meetings, but members of the Organizing Committee have told the president they still desire a personal meeting with him where they hope to reassure him that unionization poses no threat to the College's mission or Catholic heritage. We will keep you updated on his response to this more recent request.

The next day of the hearing is scheduled for Thursday, November 4th.

Questions? Concerns? Do you think it's wrong that the College is keeping adjunct faculty from exercising their right to vote in favor of (or against) a union in a democratic election? Email back or call us at 212-989-3470.

In Solidarity,
Christina Hilo-Sam Rasiotis-Daniel Esakoff-Julie Berman
New York State United Teachers


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